Laser Sight

Image below shows an example for 160 fps dart speed:
The laser can be placed in a way that you get a premier shooting range of
8 to 22 ft at a maximum deviation of +- 0.2 inch (deviation between drop line of dart and laser line)

Most important is to build up a holder for the Laser.
- Place the laser near to the muzzle.
- The laser must be 1.5 inch - 0.25 caliber above center of blowpipe.
- The holder must enable precise adjustment of laser's elevation-angle and side-direction-angle

The adjustment job must be done by reproducible shooting setup:
- fix mounted Blowgun
- distance to target 20 ft
- you might consider to measure your dart speed

If you are able to shoot your darts @ 190 fps then do the adjustment at 24 ft.
Adjustment means: Match the red laser dot with the place where the dart hit the target.
Calculations can also be found in excel sheet.


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