Unfortunately, anything that can be used can be mis-used. Hence, the information presented here is for information purposes only. What you do with it is wholly your responsibility alone and for your choices I cannot and will not be accountable. In any of it's many forms, a blowgun is still a gun, a projectile weapon, capable of causing considerable harm or death. Always be aware of that fact and shoot responsibility. Follow the rules in the safety section.

There have been too many news articles on people and pets hurt my mis-use of the blowgun. Never, ever, forget that this is first and foremost, a gun. Treat it as such. Good shooting is safe shooting.

Negative issues aside, we feel that the blowguns discussed on this and other sites represent one of the safest shooting sports you can participate in. The reason is that the blowgun is not a pre-energized weapon. It takes a deliberate physical effort to aim and fire it, which is under the complete control of the shooter. You cannot accidentally discharge it under any circumstances. While a shooter can make poor choices about when and where to use the blowgun, the consequences of such actions are his and his alone to bear.

As a hunting tool, the blowgun has a limited range and stopping power, although within it's limitations it can be quite effective. We do not encourage the killing or injury of any small aminal unless our society is in some way benefited by that action. Certainly not people's pets or other natural fauna indigenious to your area. The silent blowgun is a natural tool for example for rat pest control.

What we do NOT encourage in any form is the use of poisons on the darts, a practice historically used to over-come the limited striking force of the darts by Amazon natives, and often utilized as a assassin's tool in the movies. Poisons are simply too risky to have around any household and have no place in our society. Nuff said.

Accuracy with the blowgun is also a accquired skill, and as such it is a natural progression to engage in competitive shooting with it. International Rules and courses of fire have been established, and will be explained on this site also, along with links to known competitions.

So enjoy the sport, it is a developed skill that can be very satisifying to master, and even has some health benefits as you will learn from our Japanese counterparts.

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