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Last summer we went (pay) fishing at a small pond. For each person 3 kilo fish (trouts) have been set in. In the early morning time we caught some trouts and were satisfied. Later on not any fish came to hook any more. Many fish started to "relax" at the surface of the pond. We could see the fish for hours... but no catch. People started to employ their so called "secret weapon" to improve the situation. But what they did was something un spectacular like using a different bait or different fly... without success.

Weeks later at home i was playing around with some old PVC-Pipe, putting a pearl into it and shooting to an empty coke can. Then suddenly the idea came: Build a "fishing dart" and hunt those smart trouts with a Blowgun. This would enable me to get more of these pre paid fish out of the pond. At this minute a new hobby was born and i started to build blowguns and darts. During winter time i enjoyed working on this idea in my basement. The key results are published on this web site. Coming summer I'll test the "secret weapon" at mentioned pay pond.

I'm at home in the North West of Germany. The source of the Scientific Design Ideas is based on my technical background as electronics engineer. My favorite challenges are any things that oscillate, swing, have a frequency, send a signal or waggle like a dart .
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Why Blowgun?

And what about using blowgun in civilization?
Here my thoughts:

As soon as you get a blowgun in your hand and you do your first shot, you will discover that immediately several basic instincts are recalled, which are: Hunting and Combat

You are fascinated and attracted by the new undreamed possibilities:
- From remote site in a mode of stealth you can shot at anything.
- The silence of the blowgun sustains your camouflage.
- With a dart you can shot to the heart or the lung of a small animal and kill it within seconds.
- The crown of possibilities is to put frog or snake poison to the dart to intoxicate or kill livestock.

In a civilized society the satisfaction of above mentioned instincts is done by a modified way of using the blowgun:

  • Shooting Paint balls:

  • Paint balls have been invented to replace the darts. People can
    have great entertainment and excitement by doing a combat and just
    shooting different colored Paint balls at each other. ´
    Making blowguns and darts by yourself is a very interesting and recreational hobby, much better than hanging around in front of the TV or PC. The Blowgun Sport and Hobby can provide (on low costs) recreation and health improvement for many humans.

    There is a point where civilization must act to prevent chaos and crime against people. Like the blowgun shootings against people. There will always be some brainless guys who start to do such things. And there is not much in it. Just stop such individuals, punish them and that's it.

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